GAZ-LAB Gas Technologies installs PSA, VPSA, cryogenic and membrane type oxygen generators.


We have standart models from 0,7 Sm3/h to 409,81 Sm3/hr with the maximum oxygen purity of PSA generators up to 95%.
Higher capacity demands (bigger than 500 Sm3/h), higher pressure demands (bigger than 6 bars) and higher purity demands (higher than 95%) are fulfilled as tailor made solutions.
It is possible to make oxygen cylinder filling to 150 - 200 bars.
Systems suitable for desert conditions and containers with oxygen generators and cylinder filling systems are also offered. 
Sectors using oxygen and application areas:



-Whitening in textile, paper and paperboard.

Glass industry

-Glass melting, processing and cutting

Enviromental technologies

-Burning of special wastes, recycling of heavy metals from wastes, industrial ignition systems


-Microelectronics, oxidation of semi conductorcircuits


-Oxydation processes, burning in oxygen enriched environment, heat increasing, fuel economy applications


-Oxygen burning for seperating cinder and metal, ore (zinc, lead, aluminum, brass, magnesite) refining

Metal industry

-Steel furnaces, arc furnaces, cutting, burr eliminating, welding, plasmaand laser cutting, brass processing

Water treatment

-Oxygen support for biological treatment of waste water, site, drinking water treatment


-Hatcheries, adaptation and fingerling breeding, oxygenation systems, live fish transport, fish farm water recirculation and and waste treatment





The unit cost of oxgen supplied from on-site PSA generator systems are 80-95% lower than cylinder supply and 70-85% lower than liquid supply. The investment for an on-site system is generally paid back in 2-3 years. The maintanance is easy and problem free. The operating cost is the electric for the air supply and the raw material is the surrounding air only. The systems can serve for at least 15 years (24 hours/day, 360 days/year).


Please contact us for a feasibility report.


Operation Principle
- Two vessels filled with molecular sieve is used in PSA systems for uninterrupted production.
- Pressurised and dried air is fed to vessels filled with molecular sieves until 5 to 8 bar(g) is reached. Nitrogen is adsorbed by the molecular sieves and oxygen is let pass accumulating in the product tank.
- When one of the vessels is pressurised, the other is on standby. Some of the produces gas is used to regenerate the molecular sieve.
Zeolite type 13X is used for oxygen production.