Carbondioxide recovery is a special process important in food and industrial applications.
GAZ-LAB offers solutions by the latest technology in all kinds of carbondioxide recovery and production applications.
There are 5 carbondioxide production methods:
  • Carbondioxide from natural resources
  • Carbondioxide from fermentation
  • Carbondioxide from dry ice production
  • Carbondioxide from combustion of hydrocarbon compounds
  • Carbondioxide from treatment and purification of stack gases
Carbondioxide recovery systems can be applied to carbonated drinks, chemical processes, natural resources, dry ice plants, bioethanol plants and stack gas outlets.
Carbondioxide can be produced in liquid or gas phase in minimum 99.98% purity. The criteria for industrial and food grades can be reached. Standart capacities range from 40 kg/hr to 3,000 kg/hr. Special solutions for capacities other than this can be designed.
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