GAZ-LAB gas technologies installs membrane, PSA and cryogenic nitrogen generators. DeOxo systems are used in projects where very high purity nitrogen is needed and LNP generators are used in projects where small amount of liquid nitrogen is needed.
We have standard generators ranging from 0,27 Sm3/hr to 5.400 Sm3/hr.
Product purity can be designed between 95% and 99,9999%. Special solutions are developed when purities higher than 99,9999% are needed.
Nitrogen from generators can be pressurised into cylinders up to 200 bars.
Systems suitable for desert conditions and containers with oxygen generators and cylinder filling systems are also offered.
Sectors using nitrogen and application areas
Glass industry
-Blanketing and protection from oxidation
Environmental technologies
-Recycling of plastic wastes by granulation
Food processing, packaging
-Coffee, aroma prevention in spice grounding, dairy production, shock freezing, conserved beverage protection, MAP (modified atmosphere packaging)
Food storage
-Preventative gas in cold storages
Air resistance simulation
-Air resistance test with liquid nitrogen, air channel tests
-Wave soldering, tunnel soldering, clean room applications, protection gas in semi-conductors production
-Purging, blanketing, reaction safety and control (ex: carbon fiber, polyester and ester production)
Fire prevention
-Fire retardant and extinguisher for rooms in risk of fire
Metal industry
-Laser cutting, wire production, middle and high voltage cables CV lines, galvanizing
-Nitrogen blanketing in sea transportation for prevention from insects, fire, decaying and rotting, nitrogen blanketing for road transportation against decaying and fire
Explosive, flammable material
-Prevention of fire and explosion when transferring, storing and using all kinds of explosive and flammable material
Medical Sector
-Freeze protection of samples in medicine, biology and physics labs
The unit cost of oxgen supplied from on-site systems are 80-95% lower than cylinder supply and 70-85% lower than liquid supply. The investment for an on-site system is generally paid back in 1-2 years. The maintanance is easy and problem free. The operating cost is the electric for the air supply and air is the only raw material. The systems can serve for at least 15 years (24 hours/day, 360 days/year).
Please contact us for a feasibility report.
Operation Principle
-Two vessels filled with molecular sieve is used in PSA systems for uninterrupted production.
-Pressurised and dried air is fed to vessels filled with molecular sieves until 5 to 8 bar(g) is reached. Oxygen is adsorbed by the molecular sieves and nitrogen is let pass accumulating in the product tank.
-When one of the vessels is pressurised, the other is on standby without pressure. Some of the produced gas is used to regenerate the molecular sieve.
-Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) is used for nitrogen production.